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Something New: Formulas

Formula 3: Kinetic Energy

Formula 1: Heat Energy
Formula 2: Acceleration
Formula 3: Kinetic Energy


KE = kinetic energy (in Joules)
m = mass (in kilograms)
v = velocity (in meters/second)

Although we do not know or have credited any man/woman for discovering the use of the kinetic formula, Daniel Bernoulli has been given the most credit for using the kinetic theory. Bernoulli first began his study of kinetic energy when he started to study with his father regarding his father's theories of kinetic energy. He applied the knowledge gained from study with his father to his medical practices. Bernoulli applied medical physics to his doctorate.

Numerical example:
What is the kinetic energy of a 55 kg object moving at 16 m/sec?


Real Life example:
Regina was playing tennis at Furman park. She tossed a tennis ball weighing 0.056 kg at a velocity of 5.99 meters per second. What was the average kinetic energy of her tennis ball?


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Spring Project
Mr. Drake
Regina Kim
Wendy Kim
Period 2
May 27, 2005